Afghan Muslim Asylum seeker Raped 13year Old Girl In Sweden – Converted to Christianity And Will Not Be Expelled

An Afghan Asylum seeker whom raped a 13-year-old girl in Sweden can not be expelled because he has now converted from Islam to Christianity and would risk to be “stoned to death” if he returns to Afghanistan.

Sweden,december 2017

It was December 18, 2017 in Hallsberg/Sweden the 13-year-old girl was raped by the Afghan Asylum seeker, who claims to be 20 years old.

The Afghan Asylum seeker who has been diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease hepatitis B, first encountered the girl outside her school. He claimed that he himself was 15 and then bought whiskey and beer for the 13-year-old.

He brought her to a secluded place and let her drink the liquor until she got so drunk she could barely stand up. Then the Afghan pulled the girl into a public toilet outside an Ica-store and raped her both vaginely and anal.

Judge Jens Lindborg at Örebro District Court chose to focus on giving the Afghan a so-called human punishment. The 20-year-old is sentenced to two years in prison, which is the minimum penalty for rape against children. He is also convicted of having sexually molesting another girl at another time.

The prosecutor claimed that the asylum seeker should be expelled from Sweden after a penalty, the Afghan, however, had declared in the trial that he had lied about the rape because he is “now Christian”.

“If I’m sent to Afghanistan, I’m stoned to death,” he said.

This ruled Judge Jens Lindborg – he dismissed the expulsion claim and decided that the rapist should stay in Sweden.

The Swedish Migration Board does not consider that there are any obstacles to giving the 20-year-old to Afghanistan.

However, Örebro District Court makes “not the same assessment”, according to the judgment.

Among other things, the referee refers to the recent Afghan-government inviting the Taliban to make talks and offer them co-operation. ”

“This does not mean that the religious tolerance in Afghan society is about to increase. This is of interest because the rapist has declared that he converted to Christianity,” the judgment says.

According to Jens Lindborg, Afghanistan’s “claim for religious change can be accepted because nothing in the opinion of the Migration Board nor the investigation in the case contradicts that he converted”.

“Given the situation in Afghanistan, it can not be noted that his conversion, as the rapist has already become known in Afghanistan, is at no risk of torture and death for his part if he is expelled. An expulsion must not happen”, the judge writes.