Danish Woman Rejected At Belgian Border As She Refused To Take Off Niqab

Illustration picture - NOT actual woman from article

Belgian police could not identify Danish citizens who arrived from Tunis in Niqab. She was therefore rejected at the border, says Belgian Immigration Minister

A Danish woman was rejected at the Belgian border when she refused to lift her niqab at the Brussels airport and was sent back to Tunis.

Theo Francken – Belgian State Secretary for Asylum and Migration:

In Belgium, wearing niqab and burka or other clothes covering the face in public place was banned in 2011. The ban was endorsed by the European Court of Human Rights as late as July 2017.

European Court of Human Rights(ECHR) court described the ban as an attempt to secure ‘freedoms and rights for others’ and as ‘necessary in a democratic society’.

Danish People’s Party Group President in the European Parliament Anders Vistisen now calls for action from Danish Minister of Immigration colleague Inger Støjberg.

It is very worrying that we have Danish citizens who have refused to identify with the Schengen authorities, in this case in Belgium“, says Anders Vistisen.

It is absolutely crucial that the minister gets on the track and explain what the rules are in Denmark. Can you enter through the Danish border control without identifying in relation to the papers you have. Do we need to take Burka or Niqab, so it’s possible to make an identification”, says the politician.

It’s not known how they knew she was Danish since she/he refused to identify herself/himself…

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