Gay man beaten and choked by Church members for hours to expel ‘homosexual demons’

Matthew Fenner was leaving a Sunday prayer service in January 2013 when a group of church members surrounded him…

June 1st, 2017- Matthew Fenner witnessed in court in the case against Preist Brooke Covington after the incident that happened in the Word of Faith Church January 17, 2013.

Fenner claimed in court that he believed he was going to die when a group of members of the church “beat and quarreled him” to “drive out gay demons”.

He accused Covington of telling him, “God said there is something wrong in your life.”

Covington is accused of having led the kidnapping and attack on Fenner, allegedly taken after Sunday worship.

As he told police, a church leader and more than 20 other members of the Word of Faith Fellowship — based in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Spindale, N.C. — repeatedly punched, beat and knocked him down for about two hours. At one point, someone grabbed him by the throat and shook him, he said.

Before the two-hour incident ended, as many as 25 church members had taken part in the attack.

Brooke Covington are risking two years in prison for the alleged attack. She is the first of five church members that is accused.

This isn’t the first time this Church is in media, many people whom has left the Church call it a “Cult” and people whom has left the church tells about mental and physical abuse.

Here is an interview of two former members of Word of Faith Fellowship, at 2:34 you hear Jane Whaley – the founder of Word of Faith and mother of Brooke Covington, screaming when confronted on phone.

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