“God wanted to use me” – Killed 8 elderly patients

Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer(49) was in june 2017 sentenced to lifetime in prison for killing 8 patients that she was paid to care for…


Elizabeth didn’t have a motive for the killings, she has told court that she was angry at her career and her life, she also told that she felt “God wanted to use her” and that some of the victims was choosen because they were “naughty and troublesome”. She also admitted that she had previously tried to kill patients but failed to succeed and was also convicted of four killings and two cases of violence.

One survivor
Beverly Bertram, who is Wettlaufer’s sole living victim, wrote about the physical pain she was in after the nurse injected her with insulin with the intent to kill her.

It is really hard to describe, but I knew I was dying,” she wrote in her statement. “I was doubled over in pain in my stomach…Just such pain. My whole body hurt…I thought I was screaming, but I was just moaning I guess.

Bertram wrote that she has become a recluse since the incident, afraid of everyone, including her own shadow, and has lost all relationships with her family.

I truly think sometimes I’d be better off if she did her deed.

The victims was aged between 75 – 90 years old and many of them were demented and was killed with overdoses of Insulin.

She was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment with no eligibility for parole for 25 years.

Before she got the verdict, she regretted the killing.



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