Halal nailpaint? A joke or a real product

When i stumbled over this page i really thought it was a joke.
So i contacted ORLY and asked them if halalpaint.com was a genuine product of theirs, “Yes!” was their reply.

Ok so it is no joke, let’s take a look what this really is:

First of all, Muslim women can not use nailpolishes because water must touch all parts of the body before praying and water doesn’t penetrate traditional nailpolish and if they pray with normal nailpolish, their prayer is invalid.

So, what they did was to create a polish that allows oxygen and hydration to be able to pass through the layer of paint and.. it seems to work. I found some tests, but how accurate they are isn’t up to me, but seemed legit.

For years, women have been required to either remove and reapply polish for prayers every day, or wait to wear it during the week they have their period – when they’re not allowed to pray.

Anyways.. It’s another business for making money on Religions because this product isn’t really new. A company called Inglot came out with its “02M Breathable Nail Enamel” in 2013, then in 2016 the company ORLY created “Breathable Treatment + Color line”, so now some genious just had to figure out how to make money on this. So this is it, a Halal certified nailpolish..

#Halalpaint hasn’t any brand logo on ORLY‘s products yet, but im sure it is just a matter of time.

Ps: HALAL just means it’s allowed.