Huge Polish Praying Event – 1.5Million Polish People To Surround Borders Of Poland To Pray

“Rosary to the Border” An huge event is planned in Poland, 1 Million – 1.5 Million Polish people will surround the border of Poland to Pray with Rosaries…

The Event
At 07.October.2017 there is planned an event that (they wish) will place 1 to 1.5 Million Polish people around the border of Poland as they want to pray against Islamism, Conversion and for saving Poland & rest of the world.

The idea is to form “a human chain” all around the borders and there will be 3500 praying stations” all around the border.

One of the organizers of this event said that it could be possible to make this human chain since there will be “praying stations” every few hundred meters…

Quick calculation
Let’s say every person will stretch their arms 120cm(holding hands) X 1.5million people = 1800Km.. The problem is that the border of Poland is 3500Km. Clearly not possible.. and that 1.5 or even 1million people will show up is not likely at all.

Snip from about Rosaries:

Short note:
In 2016 Poland made Jesus Christ to King and Mary is of course the Queen. None of them had the opportunity to attend personally.


Cheaper travel with Polregio for participants of the “Rosary to the Borders”. Due to the prayer of the Rosary, organized on Saturday at the Polish border, its participants will be able to buy Polregio tickets for 1 zloty.