The Masked Arab – Another Atheist Youtuber gets his account closed

Today 26.08.2017, The Masked Arab’s Youtbube channel was closed due to “Violating guidelines”…The Masked Arab is an Ex-Muslim and now an Atheist whom left Islam in 2014 “after intensely researching the religion” and was producing videos on Youtube to state his view on Islam, now he.. among lots of other Atheist Channels are targeted by people whom flags the videos so that Youtube crew have to review the videos.

The Masked Arab’s video that YT choosed to close his account for was about “ISIS and Islam – killing relatives” (the Arabic version) where he explains what the Quaran says about these subjects and nothing more, no bad images or any profanity just a plain explanation.

As the video was in arabic(Arabic & English version available), its quite clear that some arabic speaking YT employee reviewed the video and surely didn’t like what they saw and therefore choosed to close his account.

UPDATE: The channel is back, but most videos are put private:

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You can watch his videos on VIDME! Look at link below.

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