Poland Sex Offenders Register Gone Public – But There Is Someone Missing In The Register

Poland has just publicly released an register of convicted sex offender, but some public people are not listed: Preists.

The public list with around 800 convicted sex offenders was published on 1st of January,2018 and is based on a similar list in United States, the goal is to educate the public on these sex offenders and to protect children and young people from potential criminals, and to check the people whom have contact with their children.

There is also a register with restricted access, containing 2614 names, intended for “representatives of law enforcement and justice, as well as institutions dealing with childcare”.

First case where this list have come in handy is where some parents discovered that a pedophile was employed in the community center, the man lost his job and the director of the institution will also have problems.

But where are the preists? 

The “Do not be afraid” (Fundacja Nie Lękajcie Się) foundation, which helps victims of pedophile priests and fights for punishing the perpetrators, keeps their own register. According to Marek Lisiński, chairman of the “Do not be afraid” foundation, which provides assistance to victims of sexual abuse, including those molested by spiritual persons, said in an interview with NaTemat that there are no priests convicted of pedophilia in the register. He said that “there are more than 50 priests who have already been convicted for rape, some of whom are still in jail, others are already at large. I have searched for their names, but they are not in this register”.

A few Convicted Preists:

  • Paweł K. from Wrocław, convicted of sexually abusing boys as young as 13 and possessing child pornography
  • Roman B. from Pyrzyce, convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl for several months
  • Stanisław G. from Kalinówka, convicted of molesting young girls preparing for their first communion
  • Wojciech G. convicted of molesting minors during a ministry in the Dominican Republic

None of the above preists are on the public list.

So it’s quite clear that the Catolic church in Poland has a high position in polish government and therefore protected.

The register is found here: https://rps.ms.gov.pl/en-US/Public#/home