Preist Sentenced To Eight And A Half Years In Prison For Abusing His Own Daughters

An foreign Preist and father of six was sentenced by Norwegian Court to eight and a half year in prison for sexually abusing his own daughters 

The abuses happened to both daughters while they were under ten years old. Also the Preist’s wife was sentenced to one year in prison for gross mistreatment of their children.

Since the case was known in 2016, the preist has been denied any contact with his own childen and also children in the church after one of their children told an School nurse that they were beaten at home by both parents and their brothers.

A Secret Between Them And Jesus

The Court emphasized that the abuses were painful to the children. They were committed by a father whom is a close trust and caretaker in their own home and partly in their own beds where they should be safe.
According to the judgment, the pastor said to the daughters to be silent about it and told them that this is a secret between them and Jesus.
The children have had mental health effects after the abuse, in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder.


The father has to pay compensation for a total of 560000NOK($71000), while the mother is ordered to pay 160000NOK($20500) to the children.


It is known that the family are immigrants, but unknown from which Country they come from.



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