Woman gets slapped for wearing shorts during Ramadan

A male bus passenger slapped Melisa Sağlam for wearing shorts during Ramadan, asking her “Aren’t you ashamed wearing that during Ramadan?”

Istanbul, 14 June 2017, Student Melisa Sağlam arrived at Pendik bus station where a male passenger whom were sitting behind Melisa stood up and said “Aren’t you ashamed wearing that during Ramadan?” before he slapped Melissa and walked away. Melisa went after the man to confront him, but the man pushes her brutaly away before he leaves the bus.

When Melisa collapses crying in the bus, two male passengers stands up to look for the attacker which disappeared from the scene, but was apprehended two days later – questioned and released the same day. After the incident Melisa can’t bear to take public transportation in fear of what happend.

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